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An experienced team of experts with international competence.
Comprehensive know-how thanks to a wide range of experience
across disciplines. Unique position between adult education, psychology, sociology and academic sphere.

As part of its operations, the MgC Group has decided to increase its clients ‘ competitiveness by investing in research and development of innovative educational methods. The main objective is to support changes in the performance and preparedness of existing and emerging generations of employees.

The MgC Group contributes to this goal by supporting start-up projects, the creation of international and domestic research partnerships between universities, the cooperation of the professional community and the private sphere.

For these purposes, the MgC Group organises specialised workshops and raises public awareness of development and research activities through the sharing of outputs from pilot projects. The MgC Group’s R & D support unit identifies 3-5 topics reflecting the current needs of the educational market for each calendar year.

Themes of the year 2019

  • Review and description of the methodology of key development activities
  • Creation and implementation of SYMERO platform for our long-term projects
  • Individual values and their influence on team cooperation-use of the SDI tool
  • Database of resources not only for coaches but also for our clients
  • The system of sharing trends in topics and methodologies

Themes of the year 2018

  • SDI – Individual Profiling Team tool
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Effective workshops

Themes of the year 2017

  • Industry 4.0
  • Mental Training
  • People Care-Support of emerging generations
  • Performance Management

Themes of the Year 2016

  • Analysis of the ability to decide and reasonably risk for management
  • Project management in the field of education
  • Social relationships in the group-team interactivity

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