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Globalization, demographical changes, migration, emphasis on individuals and digitalization – all of that crashes the boarders and nowadays work teams are more and more variable. Cultural encounters and individual variability brings not only mutual inspiration, but also misunderstandings and faux-pas. Get ready for your work trip abroad or for your foreign colleagues arrival, so that you can work effectively and not be surprised.

When cultures meet, there are frequent misunderstandings, which brings negative effect on the work results and it disrupts the synergies in human team relationships. Such situations show the need to identify the source of the misunderstandings and the need to understand what causes them.

Within MgC activities you get the chance to encounter local habits, the cultural mindsetting. Our trainers will help you find a way to adapt your acting, work style and communication regarding your tasks and the culture you are meeting.

In the Inter-culture topic we work with:

  • E-learning – getting to know the culture;
  • Group workshops – understanding diversity and setting effective communication and cooperation;
  • Individual preparation of managers and their families – making it easier in the new environment;
  • Ex-pats application – supporting faster adaptation to the new culture.
Case study here – coming soon.


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