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Changes are heading our way faster and faster and from all possible sides. Before one gets implemented, another emerges and so on. How to deal with such influx, how to handle the pressure and stress connected to it?

Within the MgC activities you can get to know how to deal with change, in particular topics:

  • What is change?
  • Hod does the change work and how does it influence us?
  • How to initiate changes?
  • Changes and me – personal setting towards changes;
  • Being ready to accept changes and how to handle them;
  • Stress management and managing the pressure form the outside;
  • Process change management;
  • Implementation of changes in the team;
  • Implementation on particular examples.

At the workshop our trainers will guide you through the change, which is about to happen in your company:

  • Situation analysis;
  • Definition of change;
  • Support in formulations ans communication;
  • Involving employees into the change and into motivation;
  • Supervising the implementation of changes.
Case study here – coming soon.


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