Research & Development Centre of MgC Group

  • Experienced team of professionals with international effectiveness
  • Complex know-how thank to a wide scale of experience across the fields
  • Unique position among adult education, psychology, sociology and academic sphere

MgC Group has decided to raise its clients competitiveness through investment into our own research and development in the field of innovative education methods. Our main target is the support of changes regarding performance and readiness of current and future generations of employees. 
MgC Group contributes to fulfilling this target through start up projects support, creation of international and domestic research of partnership among universities, cooperation with professionals and private sector. MgC Group organizes specialized workshops on behalf of these activities in order to raise public awareness in the field of development and research through sharing outcomes of pilot projects.

The department of support for Research and Development of MgC Group attempts to identify 3 – 5 topics each year, which may be reflecting current needs of education market.


2017 topics

  • Industry 4.0
  • Mental training
  • People Care – support of upcoming generations
  • Performance management

2016 topics

  • Analysis of the ability to make the right decision and be able to risk adequately in management
  • Project management in education field
  • Social relations in group – team interactivity


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