Implementation and sustainability

"Adapt or die."

Personal management in the current understanding of the word is no longer just about HR management. Even though this may still be its indivisible part. The same would be development of internal trainers. It also includes the managers of various levels and various departments. Why is that? It is because the personal department, in the meaning that we decided to see it, is about people and their career path in your company. It is about the way of choosing people and the people we choose, it is about their smooth adaptation, giving them needed tools and skills and also a space for personal growth, which will be positively shown in your company.

Topics popular among our clients:

HR management (Employee hiring, HR management processes...)

Internal trainers (Trainer skills, effective leading of workshops...)

Adaptation process, Career planning, The art of choosing right, and many more...


The entrance analysis is a priceless part of every development program. Thanks to the entrance analysis we have the chance to see on our own what could be the space for team development, sometimes even the situations, which could be a good base for our case studies within the development program. Each entrance analysis provides very detailed report full of suggestions and descriptions of current situation in the management of the company and also brings proposals of particular steps that could be made for further development.


We offer three main areas in the field of personal management that can serve for your training. The first two areas focus on general HR company development as such and then the internal trainers trainings. The third area focuses on creation of development plans, which are also crucial for good functioning of this sphere.

and sustainability

It is rather crucial for every company to be able to implement the HR management skills and the skills provided by internal trainers during their trainings into daily practice. Our work does not finish with the actual delivery of the training. We always make sure, after cooperation with the client that the particular trained skills have indeed improved and we seek for skills should be observed for a longer time. We usually choose to perform methods of screening, shadowing or other on-job methods if needed.