O nás

„Change is a natural process as long as the company and the people move forward.“

And this is what we have been working on for the past 10 years. We create tailored development educational programs for a wide variety of companies (from international corporations to developing companies) according to their particular needs. We focus on quality and measurability of results and the practical (everyday) use in working life.

What can you expect from us and what will you never get?

„One training makes no miracles.“

Which is why we mainly focus on long term and more complex development of people. Then the effect on people is much better.

„We solve what is needed.“

We help our clients define their real needs and put together a tailored development program.

„You don’t speak Czech? Doesn’t matter.“

Apart from Czech we can also train in English, Slovak, Polish, German, Russian and Hungarian.

„You won’t learn anything from a theorist.“

Our team is made up of 40 trainers, who have their own personal experience with the topics they train.

„We don’t copy, we create.“

We pay special attention to using functional methods of education. This is why we use and develop our own methods too.

„Numbers speak for us.“

We can easily measure the results of our work while using our own unique method called SYMEROTM.

To make our cooperation really useful and effective, we always follow these three very important steps: 1. Entrance analysis, 2. Independent development program, 3. Assurance of implementation and sustainability.

1. Current state = Entrance analysis

This is important for one simple reason: it describes a real current situation. It very often appears that the request defined by the client is often rather different from what the real needs might be, or what they might seem to be for the first sight. Thanks to the entrance analysis we are able to reveal the real needs. We can see the particular space and development potential and this is what we need to aim at in the development.

We perform the analysis through these methods: Screening, Development centres, Mystery Shopping, Shadowing, Initiation workshops.

2. Development program

This is based on the entrance analysis and reflects the real needs of the client. It is interactive. And even though it may be long term, it is planned into smaller chunks hence the development and result fulfilment is on-going. Each part is built in such a way so the participants could use the new skills and knowledge immediately in their daily tasks. This also allows us to be flexible about the next steps.

Development program consists of: workshops, trainings, individual and team coaching.

3. The way to targets = Implementation and sustainability

Our work does not finish with the end of the development program. It is quite the contrary: we care about smooth implementation of acquired knowledge and skills into daily practice. We use our unique system of SYMEROTM to measure the actual results.

We also use other supporting tools such as: moderation/facilitation, group/individual coaching, mentor-coaching, reflecting team, shadowing, supervisions and others.

„The team spirit comes to existance when the team and its members are being taken good care of.“

We strongly support our team. Each and every individual plays and important role in it.

Our team is not made up only by the two owners, assistant and trainers. There is also the strong back office team, team of andragogists, product specialists, psychologists, project coordinators, sales representatives and marketing support. All of these people take part in our ability to create unique and high quality development projects for our client.

Team of trainers

We pay maximum attention to the choice of our trainers. We choose those, who have personal experience with the topic of their trainings and thus are professionals in the field. We also work on their further education and development.