Sales people development

"To sell successfully means to make other people excited."

Sales and great sales people are absolutely essential for a successful business. The demand for great sales people is huge and is rapidly rising. Which is exactly why we pay so much attention to the development of business techniques, especially to sales people and their skills. We are talking here about the basics of sales process, as well as about the advanced sales techniques. The times are changing and so do people’s habits and the way, the product and the reason why they buy things. Hence it is only logical that also the skills of selling should be changing as well and with it the need to turn good sales people into even better ones.

Topics popular among our clients:

Sales process from A to Z. Sales people minimum. New clients acquisition. Complex solution selling. Objections and argumentation… and many more.


Entrance analysis is a priceless part of every development program. It allows us to see on our own eyes the space for sales people development, or even the particular situations, which could be later seen as basis for our case studies within the development program. Every entrance analysis provides us (and the client) with a detailed and suggestive report, which describes current situation in the sales department of the company. It also brings particular ideas and suggestions on how to proceed with the development of the sales.

people development

Sales people or even the whole sales departments are so important for every company, that it really needs maximum effort, time and energy spent on its development. The training programs for sales people are even one of our most common development programs, which also proves how important this area is.

and sustainability

The ability of the sales people to apply the skills acquired during the trainings into their daily routine is crucial for most of the companies. Our work dos not finish with delivering of the workshop. After an agreement with the customer, we always seek to see if the training program brought expected results and improvement. Sometimes we need to observe some particular skills for a little longer time to see if these have been improved or need a little more focus. We usually apply methods of screening, shadowing and other on-job methods.

Sales people development(basic program)

Sales people minimum

  • Psychology of sales communication
  • Market analysis
  • The role of sales people

Sales process from A to Z

  • Active acquisition
  • First meeting and defining the customer needs
  • SPIN (effective questioning)
  • Complex solution selling
  • Objections, argumentation
  • Negotiation
  • Key Account Management

Hard skills

  • Legal basics for sales people
  • Financial basics for sales people
  • Etiquette